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Vendin g i s par t o f a n ove r 4 2 billio n dolla r industry . Vende d product s ca n b e separate d ou t int o 1 0 distinc t categories : package d col d drinks , confections , ho t beverages , vende d food , ic e cream , milk , bul k vending , cold drinks, cigarettes and all other.
packaged cold drinks snacks, confections hot beverages vended food ice cream milk bulk vending Cold Drinks Cigarettes, Cigars All Other 56.1% of shares$23.7 billion revenue 23% of shares$9.7 billion revenue 6.8% of shares$2.8 billion revenue 6.5% of shares$2.7 billion revenue 2.1% of shares$929 million revenue 1.8% of shares$756 million revenue 1% of shares$388 million revenue 0.6% of shares$243 million revenue 0.6% of shares$229 million revenue 1.5% of shares$650 million revenue