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Thesis 2012
About Us
The Senior Thesis Exhibition and catalogue reflect the work made in a yearlong project-based course. The Senior Seminar course, the capstone of the major within the Fine Arts Department, culminates in a final body of work that reflects intense research, process, discipline and experimentation in a chosen medium. Much time, thought, and struggle has been put forth.
This is the culmination of the senior Fine Art majors’ hard work and determination. They have been refining their methods and materials, and by now have amassed awareness and understanding of their projects’ objectives, concerns, dilemmas, as well as a conscious understanding of all of their disparate and multi-layered influences.
As advisors of this yearlong seminar, our goal has been to provide advice, direction, and support to cultivate a rich intellectual environment. The course challenges and encourages students to work independently as artists and designers. They are required to take ownership of their work, the presentation of their show, and the design of their exhibition catalog. We are very fond of and proud of this particular group of feisty, driven, and brilliant young artists, each with a progressive and forward-thinking attitude.
      Quintin Marcus
      Sayra Lopez
      Elise Wrabetz