AppNeta – Unified Navigation

When I first started working at AppNeta, one of the first things I noticed was that the initial product I was hired on to (TraceView) was not well integrated with the company. In addition to this, the rest of the products in the company looked very outdated. The original navigation for PathView, AppView, and FlowView was unified but used an old school accordion style menu with some gradient capsule buttons.

Adjusting the look and feel of everything within each product would take a great deal of effort and time, so I proposed a new navigation that incorporates all 4 products and helps make what’s already there look better, as the updated navigation frames everything else on the page.

With this new navigation, AppNeta is better suited to showcase that it is an all encompassing application performance management tool. We are also able to more easily cross sell and cross demo all of our features without a disjointed experience. The integrations that were already in place within the product feel smoother and are not as disparaging to the user’s experience.