TraceView – App Map

The app map shows developers at a glance the infrastructure of their applications and the components that make them up. They can easily see if anything is on fire and if the issue is with something internal (an alert was triggered after a code deploy), or external (a network is down because their provider is having an outage).

I worked with the TraceView product manager to define the feature set and scope of the project. Together my product manager and I user tested various mockups and shopped them around to ensure they were a good direction. I also worked with developers to ensure designs were technically feasible while remaining performant for users. With the vast amount of data that is potentially displayed in this view, this was a key challenge to contend with.

Press Release


Final Prototype:
See it in InvisionApp

Some directions we didn’t go in…

Grid mode (too complex/unintuitive)
See it in InvisionApp

Data on Nodes (overwhelming/not performant)
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